How We Work

SJK•PR Maximizes the Three R’s of PR: Reputation, Relationships & Referrals.

Steve Kaufman Public Relations Firm Jacksonville, Florida

We are a full-service marketing communications company committed to achieving our clients’ desired marketing results. Steve Kaufman and his team understand PR’s unique role in the marketing mix: whether the target market is employees, current clients, or prospects, long-term success can be achieved with continually improving and expanding relationships, reputation and referrals that only a consistent PR effort delivers.

For more than two decades, SJK•PR has offered a genuine alternative to both the mega-agencies and the marketing freelancer working from his or her spare bedroom. Steve and his carefully selected team of writers, designers, programmers and producers personally invest themselves in each project or campaign undertaken.

Unlike many of the larger agencies, SJK•PR works for you on either a retainer, flat-fee or project basis agreement.

In addition, as your PR requirements change, we can alternate among retainer, flat-fee and project basis. We know each client’s needs are different, and we’re happy to modify the terms of our engagement for win-win outcomes. Specific terms for services and payments are addressed in a simple letter of agreement.