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We’re a different kind of public relations company. Our marketing communication efforts are measured against one standard: do they tell the story you need told to the people you need to hear it? Period.

We offer the professional, personal attention available only at the smaller, owner-operated agency. For more than 20 years, we’ve been serving both small businesses and the PR departments of major organizations in Jacksonville and beyond. From Northeast Florida to the Midwest and Western United States and Europe, we’ve improved our clients’ reputations, relationships, and referrals. We’ll put these three R’s of PR to work for you…and look forward to helping you succeed.

1992-2012: Thank you for the first 20 years!

Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce
Jacksonville Regional Chamber
of Commerce
Arlington Council
Small Business Leader of the Year
Small Business Resource Network
Public Service Award
U.S. Small Business Administration
Small Business Administration District
Veteran Small Business
Champion of the Year
Florida Small Business
Development Center Network
Regional Volunteer of the Year
Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce
South Council
Small Business
Leader of the Year